Submitting a Concern

Though we expect all List Accessors to join The List in good faith, we will all undoubtedly make mistakes as we grow in our hiring practices. If a List Accessor has contacted you through The List and failed to meet the Commitments, please fill out the concern form below and we will follow up. You are welcome to attach your information to the concern, or submit anonymously - either way, we will not share your name and contact information with the List Accessor. If a report is made, members of the Advisory and Best Practices teams will discuss the matter and determine the best course of action. See below for more information on how our Committee addresses concerns.

We expect that there may be additional commitments which are not listed in our guidelines. . If you feel this is the case, please submit as much information as possible through this concern form, or send an email to with more details. The Committee will review and discuss updating the List Accessor Commitments.

We are not mediators. While we are unable to get directly involved in hiring disputes, we will evaluate each situation to the best of our ability. Our goal is to provide appropriate anti-racist and good hiring resources to all List Accessors, so that we can all grow together to be become a more inclusive and anti-racist industry.

How to Submit a Concern

  1. Include the name of the List Accessor, as well as the affiliated organization, if applicable, who has not followed the List Accessor Commitments
  2. Describe which criteria from the Commitments they failed to meet. If possible, please share any supporting documents or files of the communication in question (e.g. screenshot, PDF, voicemail).
  3. Provide contact information for us to follow up with you, or indicate that you do not need/want follow up on this concern. If you submit the concern anonymously we will not be able to follow up with you.

What is the concern review process?

  1. Once a concern is received, the members of the Advisory and Best Practices teams will review the information provided and verify that a violation has, or may have occurred. They will then suspend the List access of the List Accessor in question.
  2. Best Practices Team will email the List Accessor to inform them of the access suspension. Failure to respond to this communication in a timely fashion may result in full revocation of List access for the List Accessor.
  3. Two Best Practices Team members will engage the List Accessor in a dialogue regarding the breach to the Commitments. They will then provide the List Accessor with appropriate anti-racist and good hiring resources.
  4. Assuming the List Accessor shows good faith in trying to better themselves through this process, their list access will be reinstated.
  5. List Accessor about whom we receive multiple concerns may have their list access revoked, at the joint determination of the Best Practices and Advisory Teams.

Concern Form


OPTIONAL // If you want to remain updated on the process, please include an email address.

Please refer to "List Accessor Commitments".