List Accessor Application

Please complete the application below to apply for access to For The Group’s Practitioner List.

Prior to completing this form, you must read the List Accessor Commitments. By applying for access to The List, you agree to abide by those Commitments and acknowledge that failure to do so may be grounds to have your access suspended or revoked.

The application process includes a request for a Personal Reflection Statement.

It is our goal to make this industry accessible and safe for all Practitioners. It is essential that List Accessors are working to be actively anti-racist community members. We ask that you reflect on and share with us your relationship to anti-racism work. Your reflection will NOT be published or made available to anyone other than the Committee.

Your statement might be difficult to write, or take time. It will be informed by your identity, and it may take many different forms - everyone’s statement will be unique. For example, we encourage you to review our Committee members’ statements on the Committee Members page. Please note that we have spent extensive time, both individually and as a group, working on and reviewing these statements and offering feedback - and we encourage you to do the same in your community before submitting your reflections.

If you belong to a historically marginalized community and this reflection does not feel safe for you, simply let us know.

The FTG Committee will process your application and contact you via email.

If you are also a Practitioner and would like to be included on For The Group’s Practitioner List, please complete the Practitioner Submission Form.